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      BMG FA-320 fiber laser  date code printer, deliverying  clear code on a range of plastic materials  & metal material , is specailly designed for  different kinds of industries coding marking solutions.   With one touch screen as operating system, easy to use, simple training will enable you operate it quickly; Compact design, small in size, which is specially disigned for limite space procution;Top qualtiy , fine spot beam, making excellent &clear permanent marking, which can be integrated with mass production line for placing code messages such as date batch expiry barcode, data matrix code, logo, characters on the fast moving productuct, no ink consumables, save cost and resource-saving ; Non pollutions, eviromental; FA-320 Fiber laser coder is a best coding marking system for industries coding,  it is wildly applicable for  food beverage cosmetic pharmacy, hardware, plastic pipe, furniture, jewerly electronics etc. all kinds of industries

      .Compact design, mostly aluminum structure steady& strong

      .Adopting high speed glavo scanner, high efficience

      .Small in size, flexible & movable, no take big space

      .Adopting 10 inch touch screen as operating interface, easy to use

      .It is expected to reach lifespan of 100000 hours







      What you can print with BMG FA220/320 Fiber laser printer?

      1Date traceabilities :manufacturing date, expiry date, batch, barcode

      2 LOGO, Image

      3 Fonts, Characters, serial numbers

      4 Unique code system: data matrix code

      5 Other self-defined messages 

      Industries Applications  

      .Food              Date traceabilties printing on bottle, plastic film, plastic bag, carton box, can container etc.,

      .Beverage       Date tracebilites printing on bottle, plastic bag , carton baox, can container 

      .Pharmacy      Date tracebilites printing on bottle, plastic bag , carton baox, can container 

      .Cosmetic       Date tracebilites printing on bottle, plastic bag , carton baox, can container 

      .Plastic pipe    Logo, characets, fonts etc., messages printing on plastic material pipes such as  PE pipe, HDPE pipe    

      .Other more industries. Talk to us to get the best coding solutions for your industry









          FA series fiber laser 
          Model NO.  FA-220/330
          Laser power  20W/30W
          Laser wave length  Wave length 1064nm
          Marking size  70*70mm ,100*100mm 110*110mm, 300*300mm Optional
          Machine structure Aluminum
          Machine weight  66KG 
          Valid focal length  155mm 
          Machine size 


          Power consumption  750W 1000W
          Cooling method Wind cooling 
          Working type
          Max linear marking speed  9000mm/s
          Operating language  English ,Chinese, Arabic, Russian , French, Spanish
          Connection RS232, Enternet  , USB
          Marking lines Any lines within the valid marking size 
          Fonts Support for all TTF fonts 
          Marking messages

          Date , best before , batch,  characters , bar code , 2d codes ,text , LOGO , image ,user-defined message  

          Interface Industrial computer
           Temperature  0-55°C ,non condensation
          Temperature humidity RG 35-85% , non condensation
          Power supply  220V,1KVA, 50-60HZ  


      Craftwork processing , two-dimension, bar code pritning , batch , best before, logo, image , etc., any user-defined message marking

      Applicable for material

      Metal , plastic , glass , ceramics , paper etc,, material


      Applicable for industries

      Wildly applicable for hardware , jewerly, food ,drink , cosmetic , medical , buidling material , furniture , electronics , lights ect., industries


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