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BMG FA220-1 fiber laser engraver,  flexible d···

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          未标题-1.pngBMG FA220-1 fiber laser engraver,  flexible design , small in size, light weight, easy for  moving ,small place will be enough to hold , it s a very popular laser machine model for  cratwork industry engraving,home-made product engraving etc., 

          On what material product  you can mark with FA220-1 fiber laser engraver ?

          Fiber laser marker is highly flexible, it is suitable for all kinds of metal product such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel , cooper, iron, gold, silver, bronze, titaniumn etc., as well as suitable for 

          plastic material like ABS polycarbonate , polyamide, PVC , PP, PE and other much more                                                                                       material product. 

        What message you can mark with our fiber laser engraver?

        The laser marking system is wild functional, you can mark : Logo, Fonts, characters, numbers, barcode, data matrix code , image ,real time clock, and much more other messages


          DescriptionDesktop fiber laser engraver
          BMG FA-200-1
          Laser power20W
          Marking filed
          70*70mm 100*100mm 300*300mm
          Machine weight
          Around 35KG
          Valid focal length160mm
          Machine size450*570*800mm 
          Power consumption750W 
          Working stationStatic 
          Max linear marking speed1-8000mm/s
          Operating language  English, Chinese, Arabic, French, Spanish
          InterfaceRS232,Ehternet  interface USB
          Fonts Support all TTF fonts , Monomial fonts
          Operating interfaceWindows
          TemperatureEnvironment temperature 0°C-45°C, non condensation
          Humidity35-85% , non frozen , non condensation
          Power supply220V/50-60HZ  single phase  



        ENQUIRYPortable Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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